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As part of the revision of our certifications, we redefined the list of our essential oils included in the scope of our GMP certification delivered by the ANSM (French National Agency for Medecines and Health Products Safety) and relative to the manufacturing of RMPU (Raw Material for Pharmaceutical Use).
Starting with the dispactches from September 15th 2018, the oils included in the scope of our GMP certification will have distinctive codes including a 'P' at the end of the usual code.
The exhaustive list of these products is as following. Other products from our range will not be included in the GMP scope.

Golgemma's sales team remains at your disposal for any further information or question you may have.
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Jean Claude PICHOT


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Golgemma draws on its experience and expertise to bring you an extensive range of carefully selected products meeting all your quality requirements, including:

           250 Essential Oils            30 Floral Waters
           25 Vegetable Oils             12 Spices

Golgemma offers various packaging solutions ranging from 10ml glass bottles to 200kg drums.
We also carry a range of certified spices available in bulk through our own dedicated supply chains.


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