Allow yourself a relaxation moment by discovering our essential oil blends

Discover our synergies made from 100% pure and natural essential oils, neither deterpenated nor rectified, and organic certified by Ecocert.

Selection of natural extracts for our blends

Each essential oil in our blends are botanically defined (producing part of the plant, botanical name, chemotype, country of origin) and chemically defined, with a chromatography performed for each reference.

Each batch has been rigorously chosen for its characteristics and checked by our quality department before being used.

Each of our blends has been meticulously elaborated according to its olfactory qualities, its purity, and its geographical and botanical origin. Indeed, the certification of the origin of each of our essential oils allows us to specify the biotope of the plant as well as its exact biochemical composition.

Organic blends

All our synergies are organic certified by Ecocert. In order to offer quality materials that promote well-being and come from a living earth, we have been committed to BIO CEE certification since the very beginning and we strive to involve our partners in environmentally friendly approaches.

Through our organic certification, we ensure:
– Best environmental pratices;
– Maintaining a high degree of biodiversity;
– Agricultural production obtained from natural processes;
– Preservation of natural ressources;
– Use of natural inputs.

Synergies of essential oils for aromatherapy

We have elaborated 9 organic synergies of essential oils for aromatherapy use:

Agrestic blend: essential oil of rosemary, lavender aspic, marjoram and sage.
• Odor: fresh, peeled and note of lemon

Mediterranean blend: essential oil of lemon, oregano and thyme
• Odor: fresh, rural, spicy, herbaceous

Sweet blend: essential oil of lavandin super, lavender, red mandarin, tansy
• Odor: frloral, herbaceous and fruity

Woody blend: essential oil of eucalyptus, pine, cedar, clove, myrtle, field mint
• Odor: fresh, woody, spicy and note of cineol

Fresh blend: essential oil of sweet orange, red mandarin, lemon and clove
• Odor: peeled and spicy

Serenity blend: essential oil petitgrain bigaradier, lavandin super and red mandarin.
• Odor: fresh, floral and green

Cinnamon-orange blend: essential oil of cinnamon and orange
• Odor: Sweet, zesty, spicy and woody

Citrus blend: essential oil of lemon, sweet orange, red tangerine, field mint
• Odor: fresh, bark and lemon notes

Balsamic blend: eucalyptus, niaouli, lavender, rosemary, pine and cypress essential oils
• Odor: camphorated, note of cineol, fresh

The uses of essential oil blends in aromatherapy

Our synergies are precisely dosed and ready to use, allowing you to create an atmosphere while enjoying the benefits of plants.

Our blends can be used in diffusion in your essential oil diffuser or diluted in water in your aromatic mist or as a fragrance base in your cosmetics and/or soaps.

Depending on their composition, our blends can be used for massage but always diluted in vegetable oils.

We can offer a wide range of vegetable oils.

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