GOLGEMMA is a producer of organic, FFL essential oil of Geranium bourbon – origin Madagascar

We produce Geranium Bourbon essential oil in Madagascar with a local partner in Madagascar.

Geranium bourbon origin Madagascar

The result of a cross of South African pelargonium species, bourbon geranium is a shrub of the Geraniaceae family.

The species originates from crops grown in the Grasse region of Provence, which were later distributed in North Africa and Réunion.

This species allows the production of organic essential oil.

Essential oil Geranium Bourbon organic, FFL Madagascar

In order to offer this essential oil Geranium Bourbon organic, FFL Madagascar product, we source our FFL essential oil of bourbon geranium from a local grower-producer-distiller.

Essential oil for perfumery

From Madagascar, this resource proposes a beautiful typicity of the bourbon geranium: minty green notes associated with metallic floral notes, it also proposes tea and crushed mint leaf effects.

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