Biolandes Le Sen

Since: 1980

Geographic location: LE SEN, LANDES, FRANCE

The head office for our group, Biolandes, is located in Le Sen, in the French department of Landes, in the largest planted forest in Europe. This area is closely linked to the history and values of the founder of Biolandes, who started out using a plant that is emblematic of his region, the maritime pine.


The first distillation units were set up at the Le Sen site, which has continued to expand with the business. The technical and industrial facility, spread over more than 35 hectares, is now one of the biggest and best. The site has been fitted with a biomass boiler powered by green waste, most of which is generated during production. Another firm on the site, Biolandes Pin Décor is specialised in the production and sale of natural potting soil and mulch, and leverages plant matter processed on site, further boosting the positive recycling synergy. This collaboration has also been in place since the beginning, in 1980. Closely monitoring operations conducted throughout the world, the site now employs nearly 200 people in production, analysis, development, logistics, purchasing and sales.


  • Site certifications: ISO 22000: 2018, “For Life” (FL)
  • Product range certifications: GMP/MPUP, Organic, NOP, Cosmos, Kosher and Halal certification, “Fair for Life” (FFL)

Raw materials

Sourced locally and processed on site

Iris, Pine and Sweet Vernal Grass are sourced in the department.

Over a hundred different plant materials are processed on site.

Certificates, certifications according to products. See the catalog.

Summer closing

Please note that our Golgemma Esperaza offices will be closed from August, 1st until August 15th included.

No shipment will be made during this period.