Golgemma at Natexpo in Lyon

Discover our natural extracts at Natexpo in Lyon from 18 to 20 September 2022 – Booth F49

Golgemma at Natexpo

Natexpo is the professional organic trade show, organized by and for organic and natural products professionals.

For more than 60 years, this exhibition is a major event for all market players, including producers, manufacturers, processors, distributors and specialists in the sector at national and international level.

The vast majority of our range is organically grown and certified by Ecocert. This is why we will be present at Natexpo alongside 2 other companies from Biolandes Group, GEFA-LIV Laboratories, specialists in the processing of food supplements.

This will allow you to benefit from the synergy of 2 companies from the Biolandes group for all your product developments.

Golgemma, a natural extracts supplier for food supplements

For centuries, plants have been used as remedies both as poultices and as drinkable preparations.

We were inspired by ancestral methods to create our natural ingredients range that can be used in the formulation of food supplements. You will find a selection of products for this application during Natexpo.

Our presence in the south of France for more than 40 years, at Die and Espéraza, has enabled us to develop a network of pickers, producers and cooperatives to work on the cultivation of plants in accordance with the specifications of organic farming and/or our customers.

We make a particular choice of solvent, which is an essential element in the distillation process, in order to extract the best from the plants with gentle way on traditional processes applied to industry.

We offer a wide range of extracts formulated from more than 200 plants and 4 solvents, single or combined which are alcohol, oil, glycerin, water to propose:

  • Organic hydroalcoholic extracts
  • Organic hydroalcoholic glycerin extracts
  • Bud macerates
  • Organic essential oils
  • Alcohol-free concentrated extract of grapefruit and propolis with flavonoids

H1 Discover our new products at Natexpo

H2 Our new extracts for manufacturing food supplements professionals and cosmetics

Natexpo will be an opportunity for you to discover our new products created to expand our range of natural extracts with various properties.

H3 Our organic range for gemmotherapy 30° organic alcohol

The extracts of this range for gemmotherapy are obtained by glycerin maceration in a mixture of water, vegetable organic glycerin and organic alcohol. In this range, you can find hawthorn, blackcurrant, lemon, fig, rosehip, raspberry, juniper, walnut, white alder and lingonberry.

H3 Tea-tree organic essential oil, origin Kenya « FFL »

Melaleuca alternifolia (Maiden & Betche) Cheel, also known as Tea-tree is highly valued in cosmetics for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

Our Tea-tree essential organic oil is grown in Kenya by one of our grower partners.

H3 Mallow extract concentrate COSMOS certified

Mallow is a very drought resistant wildflower that grows randomly on fallow ground, along roadsides and at the edges of croplands and orchards.

Seen from June to September, its flowers, which can vary in color from pale pink to purple, have vertical veins in a darker shade than the rest of the petals and are harvested one by one.

We source our mallow from the “Diois” Valley, very near our production facility in the “Drôme” region.

This extract is used in cosmetics products for sensitive and delicate skin, irritated skin, dry and dehydrated skin, as well as fragile skin.

It is also found in food supplements.

H3 Organic essential oils without bergapten

H4 What is the bergapten?

Bergapten is an organic compound of the furocurmarin family generally found in the zest of bergamot and is especially known to be photosensitizing.

It is for this reason that we have developed an organic essential oil of bergamot without bergapten.

This essential oil is used in shampoos and other hair care products and in products for oily skin, problem skin and irritated skin.

H2 Our new hydrolate range

Discover our hydrolate range.

H4 How to obtain an hydrolate?

A hydrolate is an aqueous distillate that is obtained after steam distillation. In the Florentine vase, we obtain the essential oil and an aromatic water or hydrolate, from the distilled plant.

It is necessary to know that a floral water or a “plant name” water is an aromatic water also named hydrolate.

Our full hydrolate range

You will find 2 categories:

– Organic hydrolates with Leucidal®, Cosmos

– Hydrolates preserved with Geogard, Cosmos

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