Meet Golgemma at the BIOFACH 2022 exhibition on the Booth N°8-327 in Hall 8

From July 26 to 29, 2022 in Nürnberg (Germany), will be held the BIOFACH international trade fair for organic Food and organic personal care exhibition.

During this event, you will discover our certified aromatic extracts according to fair trade and environment-friendly principles.

What is Golgemma?

Golgemma established in France for 40 years, on two main sites in the south of France, Espéraza in Aude which is the original site and Die (previously Fytosan) in Drôme, the production unit for extracts dedicated to cosmetics and food supplements.

Golgemma is a French company, acquired in 2016 by Biolandes, specialized in the production of aromatic plant extracts for professional use in cosmetics, food supplements, aromatherapy, wellness, food, pharmaceuticals, and herbal medicine, as well as for all companies using the most beautiful, natural and plant raw materials as core ingredients for their products.

Where do Golgemma’s aromatic extracts come from?

Many plant extracts come from Golgemma’s own farms and production sites (or from one of Biolandes 4 farms and 12 production units), equipped with many stills, macerators and other facilities, in order to provide you with the quintessence of what nature offers.

In Ambanja (Madagascar), 100 hectares are dedicated to ylang-ylang picked since the beginning
Established in 2016, the farm is in the plain of the Sambirano River where many spices aromatic and other plants can be grown in the tropical climate of this region.

Many stills produce essential oils from raw materials grown on our 180-hectare farm, or gathered from the environs, all of which are grown and produced there, in compliance with the « Fair for Life » and organic labels.

The activities of the Malagasy farm mobilize a team of 40 permanent employees who benefit from the initiatives implemented through the « Fair for Life » development fund allocated to them.

What are the characteristics of Golgemma’s aromatic extracts?

Today, Golgemma offers more than 300 raw materials such as macerates, hydrolates, natural extracts, most of which are certified by Ecocert organic cosmetics, NOP, COSMOS, « Fair for Life » and « For Life ».

Many Golgemma products are organical grown and certified by Ecocert, an independent international certification organization.
Others can be certified NOP (National Organic Program) a regulatory certification issued by the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) which draws up national rules on traceability, manufacturing conditions, storage and identification.

During the Biofach exhibition, you will have the opportunity to meet and discuss with our sales team about our certified aromatic extracts, our range of hydrolates, discover our new products and learn more about Golgemma’s universe.

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Summer closing

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