GOLGEMMA, supplier of natural and certified extracts launches a new rose hydrolate + Leucidal®

For 40 years, Golgemma has been offering natural ingredients that are controlled, traced and certified in respect of man and nature. Golgemma is a supplier Cosmos certified, appreciated by professionals in the cosmetics, food supplements, aromatherapy, wellness, food and pharmacy industries.

We are launching a new Rose hydrolate on Leucidal®.

Rosa x damascena Miller

Rosa damascena is the most widely used rose variety in perfumery. The main rose producing countries are Turkey, Bulgaria and Morocco. The bushes bloom once a year, from May to June. The flowers are picked by hand, then distilled or extracted within 24 hours.

Rose extracts in beauty and personal care

Rose extracts are widely appreciated in cosmetics. They are used in products for sensitive skin, dry skin, mature skin and damaged skin.

Rose flower water + Leucidal®

Our rose flower water is made with organic Rosa damascena flowers grown and harvested in our bulgarian domain in Kazanlak. The production is made onsite, directly after the harvest, in order to obtain the highest level of molecular concentration. The hydrolate is then filtered and stabilized at our factory in Die (France). L’hydrolat est ensuite filtré et conservé dans notre usine de Die (France). Notre hydrolat de Rose sur Leucidal® .

Our hydrolate de Rose + Leucidal® certified Cosmos

Leucidal® is a multifunctional antimicrobial ingredient of natural origin. We have chosen to integrate it in the preparation of our hydrolates due to its suitable preservative action. Using Leucidal® now allows us to offer a range of hydrolates with the same minimum date of durability as hydrolates with preservatives, i.e. two years. It is therefore an especially advantageous alternative to the synthetic preservatives used in cosmetics for our clients who prefer 100% natural floral waters.

Hydrolates in cosmetics

Obtained by steam distillation, hydrolates present a low pH and a gently Fragrant scent that make them appreciated ingredients for cosmetics. They can be used both in a pure way (by spray, friction) or blended in the aqueous phase of formulations. The addition of leucidal® facilitates the absorption of the actives by the skin.

> Discover our rose hydrolate + Leucidal® certified Cosmos

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