Golgemma offers many extracts of Lavender origin France

Lavander from Provence in France

Lavander has been distilled for over 150 years.

Originally picked wild on the high plateaus of Provence, lavander was then cultivated using different varieties to adapt to different climates and altitudes.

Currently, the main producing countries are Bulgaria, France, Eastern Europe and China.

In France, we produce the finest qualities of organic or conventional lavander and work in close partnership with local lavander farmers.

Lavander at Golgemma: a wide range

Our range of Lavander extracts is very important thanks to the multiple varieties, origins and certifications.

You can choose among our lavander species like: aspic lavander, fine lavander, fine lavander “AOP”, lavander and Stoechade lavander.

Our lavanders have several origins: France, Spain and Bulgaria.

In addition, we have various certifications such as "AOP", Organic, Kosher, Nop, FFL…

You have the choice among our numerous extracts made from these different lavanders:

  • Lavander essential oils (conventional and organic)
  • Lavander macerate
  • Lavander hydrolats (preserved and not preserved)
  • Hydro alcoholic extracts


Our lavander harvested in France

Lavander – origin France

We propose with this officinal lavander:

  • organic essential oils
  • conventional essential oils
  • an organic hydro alcoholic extract.
  • a non-preserved organic hydrolate


Fine lavander – origin France


Fine lavander “AOP” – origin France


Golgemma extracts from lavander produced in France

  • Essential oils
  • Fine lavander
  • Fine Lavander "AOP"
  • Lavander
  • Macerate
  • Fine Lavander
  • Hydrolates
  • Fine Lavander
  • Lavander
  • Hydro alcoholic extracts
  • Fine Lavander
  • Lavander

The various uses of lavander

Lavander for cosmetics and beauty

In cosmetics, lavander extracts can be found in products used for combination skin, mature skin, oily skin and problem skin. In addition, lavander essential oils mix well with oils or emulsions.

Choose from our hydroalcoholic glycerin extract, our unpreserved hydrolate, our macerate and our essential oil of fine lavander; our essential oil of fine lavander “AOP”, our unpreserved hydrolate, our essential oil and our hydroalcoholic extract of lavander for your formulations.

Lavander for aromatherapy and well-being

Find our essential oils of fine lavander, fine lavander “AOP” and lavander.

– The main constituents of the fine lavander “AOP” for aromatherapy:

These are: Linalyl acetate (26.00 to 40.00%), Linalool (25.00 to 36.00%), Cis beta ocimene (3.00 to 8.00%), Beta caryophyllene (2.00 to 7.00%), Lavandulyl acetate (2.00 to 7.00%)

– Main components of the lavander are:

Linalyl acetate (22.00 to 53.00%), Linalool (9.80 to 46.00%), Trans beta ocimene (<= 15.00%), Cis beta ocimene (<= 11.00%), Lavandulyl acetate (<= 10.00%), Beta caryophyllene (<= 9.50%)

Organic lavander for food supplements

We offer a hydroalcoholic glycerin extract of Lavander Fine and a hydroalcoholic extract of Officinal Lavander, both "origin France" and certified organic.

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