Golgemma producer of ginger essential oil from Madagascar, certified organic and FFL

Ginger is a species of the Zingiberaceae family native to Southeast Asia, although it can be cultivated in most tropical regions.

It is an herbaceous perennial plant that grows to a height of about 0.9 meters.

Its well-known rhizome is used as a spice in many Asian cuisines.

Golgemma offers a certified organic and FFL Madagascar ginger essential oil

Golgemma sources ginger characteristic of the eastern-central region of Madagascar.

The harvest takes place between June and July.

After drying, the rhizomes are extracted to produce an edible oleoresin and an essential oil.

Ginger essential oil in aromatherapy

This product is rarely used in cosmetics.

The main components for aromatherapy are: Germacrene D + Alpha zingiberene (15.00 to 51.00%), Beta sesquiphellandrene + ar curcumene (11.00 to 19.00%), Camphene (5.00 to 13.00%), Citral (Geranial + Neral) (<= 10.00%), Alpha farnesene (3.00 to 9.00%)

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